Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy


These classes are for both mum & baby to enjoy some time together and meet other new mums & their babies.

There will be post natal yoga for mum to help her body to regain strength, especially of the abdominal area & pelvic floor, whilst gently stretching out aching muscles to relieve lower back ache and neck/shoulder pain.

Massage for baby 'massage is simple in terms of technique, yet powerful in what it conveys: your love, understanding and attention'. Massage can help babies with colic, wind constipation, fractious crying and teething.

Then there will be yoga that can both mum & baby can do together. These 'postures for two' will give mums and babies new ways to relate to each other.

You will of course be welcome to feed and change your baby during the class.

"I really enjoy the Baby Yoga & Massage classes, it's just the right attention for baby & relaxation for Mum.Thank you for your expertise, I will definitely be using some of the techniques for me and my little one over the coming months. I really like that you include practical tips for calming babies and the songs we use in the class that really engage her" Louise.

"We've had a great time at the mummy and baby yoga classes with Sue and feels like she has shared the experience of my sons first 6 months with me! It's been lovely to meet other mums with small babies and Sue has created a very relaxed class where you don't stress if your baby has a bit of a meltdown or needs a feed or change!"


"Daisy and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Mother and Baby yoga. We have gained so much from Sue's classes - relaxation, re-toning (what felt like destroyed) muscles, fun, baby massage and even things to do which always bring a smile to Daisy's face - she loves flying! But we've also gained a lovely support group of friends. Sue, you have made this journey that much more special and I can't thank you enough"


"Baby yoga was recommended to me by a friend and despite not attending pregnancy yoga first, I was made to feel very welcome by Sue and the class. The class is fun, relaxed and allows time for you and your baby - with baby massage, baby yoga and then yoga for us mummies! I recommend to all my pregnant friends now and love that I have made some lovely new mummy friends xx

Hayley & Fearne

"I joined Sue for pregnancy yoga after a friend recommended her class and I am so happy she did!Pregnancy put a holt on my gym life due to some of the wonderful joys that come with being pregnant so I was thrilled to find something that I could do right up to birth!I found it to be a great way to relax,stretch and breathe away those stresses! Once my daughter arrived I was so thrilled to return to yoga with her and the great friends I had made along the way,I loved being able to do something with her but getting something for me as well! Perfect combination!" Clare & Jaime

'Pregnancy yoga provided the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, mixed with some gentle exercise. Freddie loves baby yoga, and it has just the right mix for both baby and mum. Both provided me with a great place to meet other mums in the local area.

Sue is just fantastic, I will definitely be back with any more bumps and babies I have!'

Julia & Freddie

'I started baby yoga with Thomas when he was 8 weeks old and finished when he was 7 months! It was lovely to meet up again with mums who I did pregnancy yoga with and to meet new mummies and babies! Throughout the weeks I could really see how Thomas recognised the songs and he really enjoyed doing all the actions too! Sue creates a lovely relaxed and friendly environment where you don't have to panic if your baby needs feeding or changing! Thomas and I have made some great friends from the groups and would recommend them to all mummies to be!'

Laura & Thomas

" I highly recommend Sue's yoga classes. Sue is a lovely, warm and caring person and an excellent yoga instructor! I started with the pregnancy yoga classes which were very relaxing and helped me bond with my unborn baby. Sue taught us breathing techniques and postures to help with labour which I found very useful until my baby decided she didn't want to come out! We joined the Mother & Baby class when my baby was 7 weeks old and we absolutely loved going to these classes, so much so that we stayed until she was 9 1/2 months old! We were very sad to stop going to Mother & Baby yoga but I've just started going to Sue's adult yoga class, which I also love - Sue can't get rid of me, her classes are so good I just keep coming back!!!" Pip & Gretel

"After enjoying pregnancy yoga so much I was looking forward to being able to join mother and baby yoga. My daughter loves it, it's very relaxed and fun! I really enjoy the interaction I have with her, learning so much about baby massage, safely moving her in my arms and learning lots of songs! We get to do a bit of yoga too which has been a really nice slow way of getting my body moving again, especially after a c-section. I also love the story sharing and the help and advice we all share as new mums. Another one of Sue's classes I can highly recommended" Lisa

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Sue's mother and baby yoga classes - it is my favourite class of the week. It's a great opportunity for me to do some yoga and Eva loves the baby massage. I have met lots of other mums there and we normally have lunch and a catch up at the cafe next door afterwards. I would recommend Sue's classes to anyone looking to learn baby massage in a friendly fun environment"

Andrea & Eva

Aim of the classes

The post natal period is a time of massive change for new Mums.

My aim for these classes is to provide a safe and supportive haven, to facilitate friendships and mutual support between the mums.

I have seen the friendships start and develop through the Pregnancy Yoga classes and how the support and help between the ladies has helped them realise they are not alone and can share good times and worries in equal measures amongst those going through the same issues.

The yoga and massage will enable both Mum and baby to enjoy some special time together through touch and physical contact.