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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to do when you are pregnant. It's a gentle, safe & a great way of keeping you toned & supple. It helps to relieve aches & pains which can occur during pregnancy. In the classes we cover many different breathing techniques to help you through your pregnancy and giving birth. We practice different pregnancy yoga postures to help alleviate any 'pregnancy niggles' you may experience. We cover pelvic floor muscles & how important it is to exercise these muscles whilst pregnant, together with different positions for giving birth to your baby.

We finish the class with a nourishing guided relaxation to help you and your baby completely relax.The classes are a chance to relax, re-energise & connect with your baby & an opportunity to meet with other Mums-to-be.                

Pregnancy Yoga Class

'I’ve always heard yoga was good for the body and for the soul. At pregnancy yoga this could not be more true. It allowed me to bond with my baby before she was born and give me the tools to help me through my pregnancy journey and through labour.

Each week I attended taught me not only fantastic breathing exercises but also about pelvic floor exercises and how to keep a strong body during pregnancy.

All in all I would thoroughly recommend- Sue is so lovely and made each week a pleasure to attend. Now that my journey into motherhood begins I will genuinely miss attending each week and will definitely be signing up for more yoga classes with Sue to maintain the same calm and relaxation I experienced throughout my pregnancy'. (Hannah)

"Sue's pregnancy and mother and baby yoga are the best experience of yoga I've ever had. Thanks to the supportive environment she creates, I found my crew. These ladies and Sue helped me through the tough times of pregnancy, recovering from labour and adjusting to being a first time mum.

Sue has brilliantly thought through every aspect of the yoga class to focus on the unique stage a woman's body is in during pregnancy. She clearly explains the purpose of each movement and what changes the body is going through. She also chooses exercises and breathing techniques you could do at home or during each stage of labour.

 With so many changes, it's easy to become anxious during pregnancy. But Sue's class focuses on creating a positive pregnancy and birth experience to help you connecting with your baby and adjust your breathing and habits to make use of your (very) limited lung space, and the natural positive adjustments your body is making. Each session left me as relaxed as the most extravagant spa retreat. 

I could hear Sue's calming and instructive voice during my labour, reminding me to breath and move in a way that encouraged labour. Very helpful, given I had no pain relief! "Each contraction brings you one step closer to baby, once it passes, it's gone, and you will never feel it again."

I therefore wholeheartedly recommend Sue's pregnancy and mother and baby yoga for the physical, mental and emotional benefits. She is the most professional, informative and outstanding yoga instructor I've ever come across - and I've known a few."


I started pregnancy yoga with Sue when I was 6 months pregnant. I had done a bit of yoga in the past but not much and hadn't done it when I was pregnant. I truly believe it was one of the best things I did during my pregnancy.

Sue was so welcoming and the environment she creates is so calm and tranquil that you instantly feel relaxed.

It was so nice to get together with other mums at various different stages in pregnancy and share experiences. I also loved hearing about each mums birth story when the time came, it made me so excited to meet my little baby.

I found yoga with Sue so relaxing and it enabled me to take the time to connect with my bump and focus on my body and breathing techniques which I believe really helped me through labour.

Sue has the most amazing calming voice! I nearly fell asleep at the end of most sessions. I dont think I have ever felt that relaxed!

Thank you Sue, it was brilliant. (Rachel)

'I had never been to yoga classes before, but as this was my second pregnancy, and having not exercised in my last, I thought I would give it a go. So glad I found Sue’s class, and signed up for two block sessions up to 37weeks into my pregnancy. Sue is a very experienced instructor and this shows in her teaching. She makes you feel relaxed and welcome, and you feel supported by the other mums through sharing weekly stories in your pregnancy journey. I gave birth to my daughter at 37 weeks, I achieved a successful VBAC with no intervention, and had a relatively short labour. I truly believe that the relaxation breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises and gentle strengthening exercises, as well as Sues voice in my head throughout labour helped my daughter enter into this world easily. I cannot recommend this class enough. I learnt that Labour is not painful, it’s a journey one step closer to meeting your baby. And to trust your body as it knows exactly what to do' (Dannielle)

'The pregnancy yoga class 100% helped me through my labour. As well as a great stretch and gentle workout, we also focussed on our pelvic floor (which I’m forever grateful for!) and our breathing. I used this breathing throughout my labour and felt it really helped ease everything along. Sue is amazing, so positive, chatty and absolutely brilliant at what she does. I’d always recommend her classes to anyone!' (Natalie)

'I loved my time at the group, Sue was so friendly & welcoming, it felt special to have the time bonding with my unborn baby and meeting supportive mummies all going through the same experience. It was the one time of the week I could relax and focus on just me and my baby without all the distractions of day to day life. Thank you 🙏 Sue for that special time'.


"What a lovely group and a fantastic yoga instructor! Sue is absolutely fantastic at what she does and instantly made me feel at ease on my first session....the other ladies were so welcoming...felt part of the group straight away I found myself counting down the days each week to the class..always made me feel better and had a fantastic night sleep after! Could have quite easily taken part in a session every day! I will definitely miss coming to pregnancy yoga now I have had my little girl, but have already signed up for mother and baby yoga!

I thoroughly recommend joining Sue's won't be disappointed!" (Corinne)

"I was a complete Yoga novice when starting Sue’s class & have to admit I was a little nervous! I really needn’t have been though, Sue is total dream & I was welcomed with open arms. I also got to meet lots of lovely Mummy’s-to-be.

Sue’s classes really helped ease a lot of my pregnancy aches & pains & the mediation at the end of the class of was a particular highlight - I never would have thought someone could have me falling asleep just by using encouraging words & their tone of voice!

The breathing techniques taught were a godsend, my birth experience this time around was completely different (in the best way possible). Sue has a great ‘can-do’ attitude, & I definitely took her positivity with me into the delivery room. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sue’s classes, my only regret... that I didn’t sign up sooner!!

I’m very much looking forward to starting Mother & Baby yoga & would just like to say huge thank you again for everything!"


'Sue's Pregnancy yoga classes were the highlight of my week, no matter how tired I felt, her yoga class always made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Just being in Sue's presence makes you relax! The course really helped prepare me for the labour and helped me stay calm throughout the pregnancy. It's also a great way to meet other mums and swap pregnancy stories. I'm looking forward to starting Sue's mother and baby yoga as soon as Millie is 6 weeks old!' (Hannah)

'I started pregnancy yoga with no previous experience and was really not sure what to expect. Being a first time mum I was also extremely nervous about the whole birthing experience that was to come. However Sue was extremely encouraging and after my first session I felt really empowered, and for the first time felt like ‘I can do this!’. The sessions provided me with different breathing techniques, birthing positions and coping mechanisms, all of which I used during my labour. Sue is a outstanding yoga teacher and her positive demeanour is infectious and ensures you leave with a positive mindset ready to take on the hurdles that labour can throw at you. Thank you Sue, a truly fantastic experience. I will most definitely be back when/if we have another one' (Nicki)

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